Govt. Kamalanagar College aims at imparting futuristic education to its students and instills high patterns of discipline through its dedicated and ambitious staff that set a global standard, making our students intellectually superior and ethically strong, which in turn will have the potential to improve the quality of life across all areas of life and livelihood.We believe that the individuals make the nation……………………. To build up the nation character the development of the individual character is a must.

It is our motto to help build the character of our students through the following:

HARD WORK                  CLEAR VISION                   IRON WILL

We, at Govt. Kamalanagar College, is committed to educate students from all walk of life, particularly the rural youths from Chakma and Mizo community, so that they become enlightened citizens of tomorrow and can earn a respectful life for themselves and for their family. By the very nature of the task, we are bound by our duty to provide individual attention and impart the best of education to our students within the resources available to us.

Long Live Kamalanagar College.



Principal, Kamalanagar College