In terms of the approval by the Govt. of Mizoram vide letter No.C.11011/1/2010-HTE, dated 4th February 2013 and as communicated by the Directorate of Higher & Technical Education, vide Office Order No.B.16014/1/2008-DTE (HTE)/13, dated 11th February 2013, the Academic Committee of Kamalanagar College adopted the new fee structure with permissible changes for admission to TDC (BA) from the 2013-14 academic session and until further order. The new fee structure is as follows:

Admission Fee                                                Rs. 100.00 (PA)

Monthly Tuition Fee                                      Rs. 1000.00 (PA)

Internal Examination Fee                             Rs. 400.00 (PA)

Student Aid Fund                                           Rs. 50.00 (PA) (fixed by MZU)

Affiliation Fee                                                  Rs. 20.00 (PA)

Enrolment Fee                                                 Rs. 80.00 (fixed by MZU)

Registration Fee                                              Rs. 190.00 (fixed by MZU)

Identity Card Fee                                           Rs. 200.00

Library Fee                                                      Rs. 600.00 (PA)

Library Caution Deposit                                 Rs. 300.00 (Refundable)

Student Union Fee                                          Rs. 300.00 (PA)

Games & Sports Fee                                       Rs. 400.00 (PA)

Magazine Fee                                                  Rs. 400.00 (PA)

College Development Fund                            Rs. 1000.00 (PA)


Total (for Fresh Admission)                           Rs. 4980.00

Total (for Renewal Admission)                      Rs. 4570.00

Note:   The terms and conditions regarding collection of fees is as par the guidelines as laid down by the Directorate of Higher and Technical Education, Govt. of Mizoram