Commencement of 1st/ 3rd/5th Semester Classes                                  : 1st July

Fresher Meet                                                                                                 : 15th -20th July

1st Internal Test of 1st/3rd/5th Semester Classes                                   : 10th – 20th Aug.

Formation of Students Union                                                                       : 21st-30th Aug.

2nd Internal Test of 1st/3rd/5th Semester Classes                                   : 20th-30th Sep.

Submission of Internal Marks                                                                       : Before 31st Oct.

Examination of 1st/3rd/5th Semester Classes                                            : 10th Nov. – 6th Dec.

Winter Vacation                                                                                               : 7th Dec. 2014 – 21st Jan.

Commencement of 2nd/4th/6th Semester Classes                                    : 22nd Jan.

1st Internal Test of 2nd/4th/6th Semester Classes                                    : 10th -20th March

College Foundation Day                                                                     : 4th April

Annual Social Meet                                                                            : 1st – 4th April

2nd Internal Test of 2nd/4th/6th Semester Classes                                         : 20th -30th April

Examination of 2nd/4th/6th Semester Classes                                    : 1st May – 21st May

Notification for Fresh Admission                                                       : 15th May

Issuing of Forms for fresh Admission                                                : 15th – 30th May

Student Counseling                                                                               : 1st week of June

Mid Semester Break                                                                        : 15th – 30th June

Submission of Admission Forms                                                        : 1st June – 10th June

Screening of Admission Forms                                                           : 15th June

Notification of Selection for Admission                                            : 16th June

Date of Admission                                                                              : 17th – 30th June


N.B.: The Annual Academic Plan (2014-15) is prepared with reference to the Mizoram University Notification No. MZU/Acad-1/22/14/7609, dated 17th January 2014. The calendar is tentative and is subject to modification, if necessary.