About the College

ABOUT THE COLLEGE: Govt. Kamalanagar College at Chawngte, Mizoram was established on the 4th of April 1992. It is a co-educational institution with English as its medium of instruction. It is located in a rural area bordering Bangladesh and inhabited by the scheduled tribes, predominantly by the Chakmas along with Bru, Hmar and some other minor tribes. The location of the College is connected by two chicken-neck fair weather kutcha road from the nearest District headquarter at Lunglei, distance being 105 Kms. The Lawngtlai town is about 95 Kms. from Kamalanagar via Diltlang hamlet. The College is affiliated (permanent) to Mizoram University, Mizoram. The College is also recognized by the UGC under section 2 (f) and 12 B of the UGC Act, 1956.

Kamalanagar College began its journey with 10+2 students. The College is the culmination of the efforts of the local Chakma inhabitants who contributed out of their salary to pay the salary of its teachers and other expenses of the College. The College is perhaps the only college established in a Chakma inhabited area in India. Initially the College was served mostly by teachers from West Bengal. Today the College has as many 33 motivated and qualified faculties with eight departments offering three year degree course in Arts. The 10+2 section was withdrawn from the College due to the policy of the Government for separation of the Higher Secondary stage form the Degree Section.

Presently the College is housed in a temporary site allocated by the District Council. However, the permanent building of the College is almost ready now out of the funds from NEC under the NLCPR Scheme. The land towards the permanent site of the College is also allocated by the Chakma District Council. The total land area of the College is about 32000 Sq. Mtrs. Besides the main block (academic as well as administrative), the College also has a boys hostel and a girls hostel constructed out of the grant received from UGC. Today (2014-15 Sessions) the College has as many as 276 students (202 boys and 74 girls) which is continuously increasing. The College is now preparing for its self assessment towards NAAC accreditation and in this regard is going to submit the letter of intent (LOI) to the NAAC, Bangalore for its assessment and accreditation.

The College is committed to introduce new courses and programmes as per the need and requirements of the students of the present generation. The resourceful and the vibrant group of teachers of this College are ceaselessly exerting themselves to evolve new methods and techniques of teaching and learning. The teachers are enthusiastic in enriching themselves by attending orientation programme, refreshers courses, seminars and workshops which has helped to familiarize the name of the College in the various parts of the Country.

AFFILIATION AND RECOGNITION: Govt. Kamalanagar College is Permanently Affiliated to Mizoram University and is also recognized under 2 (f) and 12 B of the UGC Act 1956.

COLLEGE MOTTO & EMBLEM: The motto as decided by the founders of the College is moving TOWARDS EXCEELENCEwith an open Book illuminated by a burning lamp as its emblem.